Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The child is still sleeping! Quick! Let's blog!

Warning: This post is high on word and photo content. For those of you with slow internet connections.... get DSL!
Bryan, Owen and I got together with my parents on Saturday to hang out. Bryan and Dad ended up taking Dad's new ATV out for a spin and Mom and I spent our time knitting together. Owen became Jared and Isaac's shadow, as usual, and spent his day feeling like a big boy.

Mom finished her beautiful scarf/shawl just a day or two before and I got to see it for the first time. She was kind enough to model it for me.....

and very quickly got into it! She cracked me up with some crazy poses, some of which you'll get to see in a day or two. I love the tassels on the scarf. They're done with ribbon and lace weight yarn. Mom did a great job!!!

While the men-folk were out on the ATV, Mom also taught me how to make a pie. It was a ton of fun! We had so much fun talking over this thing that I couldn't leave without a picture, or 10. More sharing of that later!

Here is the progress on my Irish Hiking Scarf! Isn't it beautiful? I love this thing and it gave me a chance to show Mom how to cable. I'm not sure if all cabling projects are like this, but I see more cables in my future!

We're driving down to Branson tonight and will be spending tonight and all day tomorrow with my family. Tomorrow I'll be helping with the food prep and hopefully Mom and I will get a chance to assemble Owen' s sweater because I finished it today!!! Can you believe it? It's the only thing I've been working on since Friday night and I finally finished it! I'm so stinking proud of myself!!! My first big FO. Woohoo!

Must run, Owen will wake up any time now and I need to get my cheesecake into the oven!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

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Laura said...

Happy Thanksgiving Brianne! Your Irish Hiking Scarf looks beautiful and can't wait to see Owen's sweater.