Sunday, November 13, 2005

Have a doubt? Check it out!

If only I had done this before I actually started knitting the sleeves for Owen's sweater. Because if I had done some checking online about how to knit sleeves.... I wouldn't be looking at having to frog 8" of sleeves (for a grand total of 16" since I'm working them two at a time). I'm so frustrated but glad that I've learned the lesson.

Here's where I made my mistake. I read the instructions and where it said "bar increase one stitch each end of the row at the third and following 6 rows". So of course I only increased at the end of the row. Do you see where I have a problem?

I don't have the heart to frog the sleeves tonight... so I think I'll start on the Irish Hiking Scarf that will be Pepa's Christmas present! Thanks, Jen, for the suggestion! I've never done cables before and I think that I'm up for the challenge!

By the way, I restrained myself and didn't bring any knitting at all to the conference! It was great though, because it allowed me to actually talk with people and by the end of the conference I had 5 new friends! Yay for me! Brianne has friends in this strange new land!!! *grins*

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