Monday, October 10, 2005

As promised and long overdue


Ah, but where are they???? Blogger has decided that it doesn't want to post my pictures, even if they are of yummy yarn and finished projects. Harumph.

So today I shall be asking the age old question...

How the heck do you knit with dpns? I somewhat successfully cast on a pair of socks last night. (Yes, I had that big talk with myself about finishing Ashley's blanket. Yes, she's getting married in like 2 weeks and I need to mail it to her before that. I just can't look at that blanket for a day or two. Don't judge me!) It was like trying to eat with chow mein with too many chopsticks. I have no idea how to do this! I kind of improvised and somehow got the right number of stitches onto each needle and then started the top ribbing.... but it doesn't quite look right. I have a bit of the ladder thing going on between the needles and the stuff that I cast on is really loose.

Does anyone know where I can find a really good tutorial on this? Would anyone like to make a really good tutorial on this and then tell me it's on their website? Would anyone like to make my son breakfast so I can do some laundry? No one? Off to the kitchen, then!

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Heatherly said...

some sites to try for DPN's