Monday, October 03, 2005

My Secret Pal Spoiler Strikes Again!

I must say that I've been totally blessed by this Secret Pal of mine. She's just incredible and I'm feeling so spoiled it's ridiculous! Another package has arrived at the Keene household and once again I'm a lucky girl.

Take a peek inside my spoiling! There's Vogue Kid Knits, Dark Chocolate in several forms (I didn't waste any time in sampling), the hooded sweatshirt I'm totally going to make for Owen from the Vogue book, the beautiful hydrangea from her last gift (I loooove this plant!) and some beautiful Rowan Cashsoft Baby in a blue that I can't help but adore and a crochet hook that feels decadent. I've already ordered a little more of the Rowan Cashsoft in order to make something with it... the ripple shawl as posted earlier! And I'm so in love with the look and feel of the yarn, that I bought some of the Rowan Cotton to make a Christmas gift for my sister. (I'm thinking the Soliel tank from Knitty?)

I found the Rowan yarn at The Knitting Garden, which is a beautiful site full of beautiful yarn. They have a great variety including Debbie Bliss, GGH, Jaeger and more. I'd love to try the Debbie Bliss. I love her designs so much that I'd love to make something of her's with the yarn it was designed with.

On the knitting front, I bound off on the front panel of Owen's sweater and have cast on and knitted an inch or so on the back. Overall, this has been rather easy and I enjoyed shaping the front panel. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I know that it's going to be too big for him right now, but it will definately last him through the fall and winter and possibly through next fall. I think that my next project for him will be more of a jacket or cardigan?

There has been no knitting on Ashley & Glenn's twirl throw. I'm much too into Owen's sweater at this point. Yes, I really should be working on it. Yes, their wedding is only like 19 days away. Yes, I need to finish up the skeins (5) I have so that I can order more if needed. Okay! Okay! Enough pressure, people! I'll work on it tomorrow. *wink*

Am I sensitive to Alpaca? I think I might be. Twirl is like 95% Alpaca and 5% cotton and it makes my eyes water a bit and the roof of my mouth itch. Yes, my typical allergic responses to things. Another good reason to finish up this project!

Tomorrow's entry will include pictures of Owen's sweater in progress and a new addition to our family!


J.p. said...

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~drew emborsky~ said...

That's quite a haul! Woo hoo HOO!