Thursday, October 13, 2005

We're making progress!

Why am I saying we? I think I automatically pluralize myself when I'm pregnant! LOL!

So Baby and I are making good progress on Ashley & Glenn's Twirl Throw. We've almost finished skein 8 and will be starting on skein 9 tonight. My goal is to have it finished and ready to mail by Monday morning. I know I'll have the knitting done by Saturday night, but I'd like to wash and block it so that it's ready for use as soon as it's received. I purchased a wonderful smelling Lavendar sachet from Bath & Body works to put in the package. Yay!

Thank you, Heatherly, for the great references on dpns! I'm going to frog the start of my sock and start over once I've finished the Twirl Throw. I'm really looking forward to mastering the art of dpns and actually being able to knit in the round with them!

I'm also very ready to get back to work on Owen's sweater. With the deadline of the wedding gift looming I've been forced to set it aside. So it's been sitting in my very cute French Market Bag just waiting for me to pick it up again.

Oh, and speaking of deadlines! Mom let me know that my sister, Heather, is going to be coming to visit for Christmas... but an early Christmas. Yikes! It looks like I'll be starting on her Soleil tank sooner rather than later. Though now I've uncovered my Cool Crochet book and it has some great tanks in there and crochet is definitely faster than knitting for me. So I have some decisions to make now! (And quick.)

One last thing... can I say just how thrilled I am that Mr. Drew Emborsky, The Crochet Dude himself, is reading and commenting on my blog?! Hello, Dude!

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~drew emborsky~ said...

You have a cool blog, what can I say? ;)