Thursday, October 20, 2005

The goals! They are accomplished!

Oh, how I love saying that. It's like a babbling brook dancing at my feet. Like a cool breeze of wind carressing my skin on a hot day. Or it could just be a FO that I'm so thankful is done and ready to be shipped! Either way, it's wonderful!

I finished the twirl throw yesterday afternoon and promptly finished weaving in ends (which wasn't hard since I do it as I go) and then gave it a bath. May I just say that it was a bit of a nervewracking experience. The only other FO that I've really had to wash was the French Market Bag and that was felted. There hasn't really been anything else that needed washing and blocking, so it wasn't on my worry radar. Now it is. I admit that I hesitated before putting it in the water, but steeled my nerves and did it anyways.

3 tubs full of water later I finally got clear water! Uh, that was unnerving!!! I almost cried when I first started swishing the alpaca around and creamy stuff started coming off of it. Owen thought it was absolutly hilarious that there was a blanket in the tub and started putting his bath toys in with it. Surely the throw would appreciate a tug boat that toots it's horn when put in the water!

After much gentle wringing the throw was laid out on the guest bed (which first covered with a heavy quilt) and blocked slightly. It was then that I noticed how much bigger the thing had gotten! It seriously added about 2 full feet to the width! Not a problem. We're still cool.

By this afternoon, after about 24 hours in a smallish room with a ceiling fan on high, the throw was completely dry and beautiful! I was thrilled to fold it up, place the lavendar sachet in it's folds and get it ready to mail out.

It's a great day here! Tell me about your newest FO!

And at risk of making this way too long, I have a question. I think I have this figured out, but I'd love confirmation.

I swatched for my sister's Christmas tank top and though I'm right on for stitches I'm too big for rows. The gauge is 33 rows and I'm at 29. I know there's not really a way to fix the rows without completely messing with stitches, but I can change the rows in the pattern. Here's how I think I do this.

29 divided by 33 gives me .87, rounded up to .9 . If I take the number of rows in the pattern and multiply by . that should give me the amount of rows I need to work. So rather than doing 10 rows, I should do 9 rows.

Is my math right???

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