Saturday, November 24, 2007


It has been so busy lately that I hadn't checked my email since Tuesday morning. I was almost scared to see what Google Reader had in store for me!

About 15 minutes after my last post about the too-big socks I found Thuja in my Ravelry Queue and noticed that I had noted that Sarah's yarn would be perfect for it. Great! So I cast on the 56 stitches and went to town. Halfway into the heel I started wondering if this sock might just be too loose but kept on with it thinking that it would be better to try on the sock after finishing the gusset decreases. True to my word, I tried on the sock after decreasing and it was too big. Way too big, in fact. The sock would probably even be a little loose on Bryan!

The yarn is perfect with that particular pattern so that won't change but there's no way I'm casting on 56 stitches. It's a seed stitch rib with a 4 stitch repeat and I'm thinking that if I remove two repeats for a total of 8 stitches that I should be just fine.

This morning we woke up to snow! The weather has been swinging between beautifully warm and beautifully cold. A 4am trip to Wal-Greens for a feverish Ailish made me so thankful for warm knitted scarves! Ailish definitely needs a cute knitted hat. Any suggestions?

P.S. Secret Pal, I got your final package today! Expect a full post on it Monday!!! :D


Danielle said...

Thanks for letting me know! :)
I've been checking the Canada Post tracking details and they still list it as info received, and not delivered. Oh well...At least it arrived!
Your SP

Vicki said...

I recently made a hat for a friend's daughter and it is really cute. The pattern is Miss Dashwood from Knitty. It even has little ear flaps that can be hidden when it isn't quite as cold.