Sunday, November 04, 2007

A little help from my friends

I'm calling out to the blogosphere for their wisdom!

What would you do with a knitted garment that has become too big? Would you keep it or give it away? Or would you rip it out?

This is my dilemma. Last spring I finished the In Full Bloom cardigan and while I love the color and the design, the sweater no longer fits me as well. I put it on this morning to wear to church and had about 4" of extra fabric everywhere. In an act of desperation I snipped off the buttons, overlapped the fronts by quite a bit and used a sweater stick to keep it closed in front.

Let me know what you think! Were this a sweater that was sitting in your closet, what would you do?


Vicki said...

Well first of all, congrats on shrinking out of the sweater!

As far as what to do with it, I'd say it depends. If you have a friend who it might fit and who would appreciate it, it would make a lovely gift. If the yarn could handle it, rip back and make something else you'll love. I think if I ever knit a sweater and then ungrew out of it, I'd frame it :)

Zarah said...

I agree with vicki - if you know someone who could wear it, you should give it away. Otherwise... maybe if wants to be something new? I'm sure Tammy could turn it into 100 pairs of Fetching, but maybe you could make little sweaters for your kids?

Kate said...

Sell it on eBay? :) Or like Zarah says, frog it and make a matching set for the kids!

Romi said...


I'd probably do what you did. :) Then I might give it to someone or frog and reknit it smaller.