Monday, November 05, 2007

She's got legs!

I ran home after work, excited to take a picture of the progress that I've made on Ailish's Baby Bell Bottoms only to find that the batteries in the camera need to be charged. Oh well! There will be pictures tomorrow, but I can at least tell you that I've finished both legs and am now ready to put the first leg back on the needles and start knitting the body/bottom/top??? of the pants.

Now is when the thinking is required. No, not for the attaching of the legs because I left the stitches of the first leg on some waste yarn so those stitches are still live. I'm talking about short row booty, here. This is going to require examining some of her pants and seeing how commercial designers work this out.

In other news, have you all gotten the new KnitPicks catalog yet? The back cover of it has sock samplers and I'm so in love! I can't decide if I like the warm sampler or the neutral sampler better, but I'm leaning more towards warm right now. As of late I've been drawn towards warm colors and have even added a deep orange sweater to my wardrobe this season... a color that I'd never wear in the past!

Alas, the sock sampler will have to wait until after the New Year. What with Christmas coming along and babies growing out of their clothes, the budget is not allowing for frivolous sock expenditures no matter how much I try to explain to it that I need solid colored sock yarn for the lace patterns I want to try out. Stupid budget.


Vicki said...

Can't wait to see the finished pants. Junior definitely needs some cozy knit pants to cover his chubby legs.

Those samplers are soooo tempting!

Tammy said...

In spite of the fact that I've spent lots of $$ with Knit Picks, I have a very hard time getting their catalog! I haven't gotten the last three! But I looked at the sock sampler links and they are tempting!