Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fun times and loofahs

Tonight we all got together at Tammy's house for a little knitting time... and by we I mean Tammy, Sarah, Kate and myself. Tammy's sister, Kathy, was also there for a few minutes and I had the kids with me for a little over an hour until Bryan picked them up after work. We were also joined by Hayley, Kate's step-daughter, who was learning how to knit! Tammy gave us a tour of her yarn cave and I was impressed! The girl has got it together!!!

I love getting together with the girls and miss being able to see them often since I work evenings and that's when their weekly knitting time is. Thankfully, we email each other and plan little evenings like this so I'm still able to be involved.

If you want to have a fun time make sure you invite me because it is inevitable that I will hear something in correctly and then hilarity ensues. For example, I stayed behind after the rest of the girls left and Tammy and I watched an episode of American Idol Rewind. During that show Simon tells this guy, "You're like a Luther" meaning Luther Vandross. I heard, "You're like a loofah" and was more than a bit confused why that might be a good thing. Tammy then corrected me and we spent the next few minutes laughing over it.

Ailish also finds me to be quite amusing

Come back next time for more on the pants!


Tammy said...

Wow! You are on it with the blog updates! Tonight was a blast, and I even managed to get some knitting done. And Sarah left behind a ball of Elann Peruvian Wool for me, too (ok, that was an accident). :-D

Zarah said...

I can't believe I missed American Idol! Dang.... I guess my yarn wanted to stick around and enjoy the fun with you guys!

Kate said...

CUTE pictures!! We need to see the one of our group!