Saturday, November 03, 2007

Knit, Mama!

My daughter loves to watch me knit. I sat her in her bouncy seat and knit away on Bryan's sock for about 15 minutes today. At first I was trying to keep her attention by making silly faces and singing silly songs about her. Five minutes into this concert I stopped singing when I noticed that she was not even paying attention to my face or the songs, but her eyes were glued to my hands. I stopped knitting and moved the sock around a bit to the left, right, up and down only to watch her head and eyes follow every move it made!

Ailish has now begun her informal knitting education. I talked with her about what I was doing and about all the different kinds of needles, fiber and yarn weights that are available to work with. The next lesson will be all about the dpn vs magic loop vs 2 circulars debate since I didn't want to overwhelm her at her first lesson!

And in case you were wondering, 15 minutes of knitting gets me halfway through one big stripe on Bryan's socks. That is approximately 6 rows of knitting in 15 minutes, when knitting at normal pace. I have one and a half more stripes to go before I start the heel and then about 150 stripes on the foot because my man has big feet. Okay, so it's not really 150 stripes but it sure feels that way!!! Ah, the knitting math!

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Tammy said...

Ha! That's great! You can't start her too young - good job!