Sunday, July 10, 2005

Clay 'n Latte

Mom was really hoping to get in another session at Clay 'n Latte before they leave on the 19th. We tried to figure out a day when the four of us could go again, and thought that yesterday would work for everyone, but apparently Heather chose to do stuff with Spencer instead. (Methinks this is how life will be like.) So Isaac and Owen stayed with Dad while Mom, Jared and I went to paint stuff!

Mom had a harder time finding something to paint. She searched the store for about 35 minutes before settling on a bowl. I guess there was a cake stand she saw last time that caught her eye, but it had sold and there wasn't a replacement in the back. Then she eyed a serving platter, but that was reserved for someone and there wasn't a second one. I could tell that she was really disappointed, but painted happily. Jared found a small square plate and copied a design from a model plate painted with a snowman. He's really a very talented painter! Mom says that Jared will go into her room and watch cartoons on it. When a cool picture will come up, he stops it with Tivo and then draws the picture. A very cool idea if you think about it.

Jared did great on his plate and Mom totally wants to steal it. :)This time around I wasn't as pleased with how I did. I found a faceplate for Owen's light switch in his room. (The book one that was in my room in high school doesn't quite fit a kid's room.) I painted it yellow and wrote in blue words "Owen Edward". There are red and green dots on it. Honestly, it looks cuter than it sounds. I'm a little concerned about how the words will turn out. That project took about 10 minutes. Then I found a cup and saucer that looks like it belonged on the Friends set. (Love it!) I painted that in muted green, blue and gold tones. I'm very happy with it, up until it came to the more intricate line work in puffy paint. That I'm not happy with at all. I wish I had drawn in on the cup before painting, but that always etches the paint off and that I don't like either. I'm hoping it turns out well and that it won't be a big deal.

I've taken a couple of days off of crocheting. My hands needed a break and I had other things that needed to get done. I seem to be a person who, once a project is started, I have a drive to get it done to... sometimes... the exclusion of other things. That's how it is with other things too, not just crafts. fanihi posted a great pattern for a hat she made and I think that may be the next project I start on. :) After that I'll tackle an afghan. I got some great tips for them at one of the communities here and now I have the afghan itch!

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