Monday, July 18, 2005

Starting over!

I have given up on the double yarn blanket I was making. The thing was so stiff it felt more like a rug than a blanket. There's no way I could give that to someone! Bryan said to finished it and then wash it with a lot of fabric softener. Uh. No. Instead, I had him help me unravel the whole thing and wind the yarn back into balls. (Poor guy.)

The more I'm using different types/brands/weights/fiber types of yarn, the more I start to realize what I like working with. This is a good thing! For example: The yarn I used for the blanket I scrapped today was a cheap acrylic worsted. The yarn I used for Leah's baby blanket was a nice cotton sport. Different yarn, different stitches, different results. I'm learning and it's good!

I think I'm going to make two shawls with the yarn we scrapped today, however, they won't be doubled. I found a couple of shawl/wrap free patterns online and will use them as a basis for what I'm making.

Last night I finished Leah's baby blanket! I have 2/3 skein of white left and 2 1/2 skeins of blue. Totally enough to make another blanket for someone later on. The blanket turned out nice. I ended up just doing 2 rows of white edging in sc instead of doing something fancy. I was afraid that a fancier edging would detract from the work I did on the inside. :)

After we finished balling up the scrapped yarn, I started on another blanket for Leah. (I can't stop myself!) It's a light sport acrylic, variegated in blue, green, yellow and white. It's a cute yarn and brighter than the first blanket. I was at Mom's when we did all this and she suggested possibly doing a shell stitch for this one. She showed me how to do it and after playing around with it for 30 minutes, I finally found the right combination of dc's, chains, and skipped chains to make the blanket not warp and frill. Apparently, this time it was 4 dc, no chain, skip 2. I'm working 6 rows of shells and 4 rows of sc. I'm just starting my second set of sc rows and it looks so good! :D

Okay, must go to bed. Tomorrow is moving day for Mom and Dad and I must have some sleep in me to make it through the day.

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