Friday, July 15, 2005


Leah's baby blanket is almost 1/2 complete as of this evening. I'm using a baby blue soft yarn that is 100% cotton and to die for. (So tempted to make one for me!) The pattern I'm doing goes a little something like this:

Row 1: ch 112, turn

Row 2: sk 2 ch for turn, sc in remaining, ch 3 for turn

Row 3: dc in all, ch 3 for turn

Row 4: dc in 2 dc, ch 1, * dc in 3 dc, ch 1*, * to end, ch 3 for turn

Row 5: see row 3

Row 6: see row 4

Row 7: see row 3

Row 8: see row 4

Row 9: see row 3

Row 10: see row 4, but ch 4 for turn

Row 11: tr in all, ch 4 for turn

Row 12: tr in all, ch 3 for turn

Row 13 to almost end: begin pattern again at Row4

Row 2nd from end: dc in all, ch 2 for turn

Row end: sk 2 ch for turn, sc in remaining, tie off

I kind of made this pattern up as I went along and I'm pleased with it so far. It's not a heavy blanket, and since her little boy was born this month, he won't need anything heavy right now. I'll also be sending her a hat and matching booties as well. I've never made booties before, so that will be an adventure!

The other blanket I'm making right now isn't going as well. I'm doing a double yarn afghan, using Mainstays yarn in off-white and "fall splendor" (they look great together!), using an N hook. (Yeesh!) It looks great, but the thing is not soft. Honestly, it'd make a better rug than blanket at this point. I'm hoping hoping hoping that with washing it will soften up some. Well, at least it is warm!

In other crafting news, Mom and Heather picked up our stuff from Clay 'n Latte that we made last Friday. My cup and saucer turned out okay. The colors were a little different than I orignally planned, with the blue being darker and the gold being more green. Overall I'm pleased. :) Owen's light switch faceplate looks okay. Bright and matches his room, and that makes me happy.

I added to my yarn stash today! I picked up the last 3 skeins of yarn I'll need for Leah's baby blanket, and found a couple other things that I "absolutely needed!" I found some great light boucle in blue and green variegated that will make something fabulous. That'll be fun to try working with! I also found purse handles in black mango wood. They are beautiful and I must now find the perfect purse to make. I'm thinking this may be a great gift for some lucky lady this Christmas! I did show some self-restraint when it came to this next item: there was a great craft tote made specifcally for people into knitting and crochet. There were three outside pockets with a loose velcro top for holding skeins of yarn, as well as pouches for other paraphenia such as hooks, needles, scissors, stitch markers, etc. The price was $39.50 and it looked perfect except that it was a very ugly orange that I couldn't see myself carrying. Mom said that there is a huge craft store in Springfield and when we visit them next month we'll stop by. Yay!

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