Friday, July 15, 2005

Working around the problem

I spent a good deal of time on the computer this morning trying to fix whatever is wrong with it and making it difficult to upload pictures. In the meantime, I emailed pictures to myself and am going to post them here from Mom's laptop! Not just a pretty face, you see!

Okay, first picture... the new items added to my stash yesterday. A woo hoo! The "Things" basket will be next to my favorite rocking chair and will hold my current projects. :) I love the bright colors that will be a little girl's blanket. With all the babies due in church in the next 6 months, surely one of them will be a girl!

Second picture... the adorable crochet baby set that I'm going to try my hand at. It'll be my first attempt at clothing and I'm excited about it, if a bit nervous as well.

Third picture... my attempts at painting at Clay 'n Latte. I'm definately not comfortable with painting. The whole time I'm painting I find that I'm holding my breath. The plate in back was from a couple of weeks ago and says, "You Are Special!" The light switch faceplate has Owen's name on it and is painted to match his room. The cup and saucer seem to have jumped out of Central Perk and the inside of the cup says, "Relax".

Final picture... more of my family! This picture was taken on July 4th of this year at the Oceanside pier. From left to right: Heather (sister), Bryan (husband), Owen (son), Spencer (future brother-in-law). What you don't know from looking at this picture is that Spencer is reaching behind and pinching Bryan's butt. We have a few pictures with this happening and Bryan is getting better and better at making no reaction to it until after the picture is taken.

Last night I left my crochet bag at Mom and Dad's thinking that I'd be back in the morning, but it did not happen! So, while Owen napped I started on the hat and bootie set. The hat needs one more row of sc and will be finished! I've been working on the blanket tonight and it is nearing completion. I'm very pleased with it! YAY!

Okay, enough for now. Bryan's getting our stuff piled up and ready to go... he's the master of subtleties! lol

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