Thursday, July 21, 2005


I have tried to knit on several occasions in the past 3 years. Only once out of, say, 9 times have I ever been able to cast on stitches. Most of the time, I couldn't even do that and threw the needles in a basket and put the basket in a closet. (A very adult way of handling the issue, yes.)

I decided to give knitting another chance. I am, after all, a patient and forgiving person. I also threw away the kit I was trying to learn with. I'm almost 4% certain that they were the cause of my knitting issues.

On Tuesday I stopped by Michael's and found the needle mentioned in the last post, as well as a stitch counter, and a cutting pendant. I was on my way out of the isle and toward the counter when I passed a kit. It had the beforementioned needle as well as a stitch counter. Ooh. It also was a teaching yourself to knit kit that had 2 sets of knitting needles and other knitting paraphanelia. For $9 I couldn't pass it up.

Tuesday afternoon, during Owen's nap, I took up the kit and opened it. To my amazement, I casted on!!! To my even more amazement... I knitted and purled!!! *faint!*

The curse is broken and I am now a knitter. *struts* You have permission to view my awesome work as pictured above.

I also couldn't help but post the picture of Owen. This was from Monday afternoon when we were leaving the pool at Pepa's house. I had originally intended to capture the low-riding trunks that framed a very cute butt. I think I like this even better. :D

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